Why Choose a Registered BAS Agent?

Preparing the Business Activity Statement for your business is one of those essential tasks that not only is legally required but can also be complicated and time consuming.  This is where a registered BAS Agent can help.
Bookkeepers are not necessarily BAS Agents.  Yes, bookkeepers may assist with the business bookkeeping requirements such as processing invoices and reconciling bank accounts however by law, they cannot provide advice in respect of BAS provisions which includes GST, PAYGW and superannuation.  Further, BAS Agents are required to maintain appropriate CPD hours as part of their registration, meaning that by engaging a bookkeeper who isn’t a registered BAS Agent, you may have engaged someone who does not have the qualifications or experience which might result in costly mistakes.
There are many benefits in engaging a registered BAS Agent, such as being able to provide the following services:
– Coding of transactions and invoices in a client’s software package;
– Confirming, completing or instructing what balances should be on an Activity Statement;
– Confirming withholding declaration amounts;
– Preparation and provision of Annual PAYG Summaries;
– Superannuation matters such as calculation, reporting and lodging via a Clearing House; and
– Lodging TFN Declarations to the ATO.
When engaging some to prepare your BAS, it is important to confirm they are registered with the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) and can legally provide these services.  Confirming, is as easy as searching for the registration on the TPB’s website www.tpb.gov.au/search-register.
You can be assured that by engaging a registered BAS Agent that they have the qualifications and experience in order to prepare and lodge these documents on your business’s behalf.

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